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Flowers are the colorful and rather showy reproductive structure of some seed-bearing plants. Since the beginning of time, the human race had been enamored by this colorful blossoms.

Archaeological findings of pollens in ancient graves suggested that flowers where placed on them.

Flowers has always been link with human emotions. Men wooing their lady love are usually armed with bouquets of flowers, which in fact traverse to the wedding of the couples. Burial wakes and burial ceremonies are also laden with this lovely blossoms. Aside from that, flowers also are present in birthdays and other special occurrences.

Aside from the emotional side of men, flowers are also known to be in almost all religions. Christians are known to offer flowers to their Divine beings. The Rose being linked to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Buddhists, Hindus and other Chinese religions have places for flowers.

In addition to those, flowers has also served men in different ways. Some flowers are edible which are quite a treat when eaten. While others are believed to be medicinal.